Why Collaborate?

Together we can advance the conservation of North America’s boreal birds through high-quality, collaborative science.

The boreal forest is vital for the conservation of birds, including over 300 breeding bird species. Building collaborations and strengthening partnerships will advance the conservation and management of migratory birds and species at risk.

Let Us Help You

Work with BAM and let us help you by addressing novel conservation planning challenges, targeted collaborations, provisioning of advice and tools, and data access.

We can support you in the application of BAM’s statistical and modelling innovations, spatially-explicit density estimates, data products, tools and collaborations to support climate-informed, multi-species conservation and land-use planning within and beyond Canada.

Share your data

We believe in open and accessible data for informed decision-making and collaborative science.

The BAM project gratefully accepts avian point count data from projects conducted within North America. We will work with you to upload your data to WildTrax and support your individual data sharing needs (e.g., private, semi-private, open). We continue to collaborate with our data partners to ensure alignment with BAM’s larger vision for open data.

BAM was established in 2004 to address critical knowledge gaps challenging the management and conservation of boreal birds in Canada. BAM’s analyses draw on a powerful database created by collating and harmonizing data from individual research and monitoring efforts conducted in the Canadian and US boreal & hemi-boreal forest.

The policies presented here encompass data contributed to BAM as well as data products produced and shared as results of BAM analyses. These policies also cover procedures for submitting and approving requests for data and data products, for determining authorship of publications that use Project-related data and data products, and for appropriately acknowledging BAM products in projects with collaborators. This document will be updated from time to time reflecting relevant changes in project governance and activities.

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