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Bird Data

Open Data on Wildtrax

BAM believes that enhanced data sharing will facilitate collaborative science and accelerate avian conservation and research. Data discovery and download is available on the WildTrax platform under the point count sensor.

Founding Member of CanAvian

We are a founding member of the CanAvian We share a common vision that reliable and comprehensive avian data are openly available to support conservation and decision-making in Canada.

Methods & Analysis

Data Harmonization & Methods

Compiling and analyzing avian data from across North America is challenging because data is collected in a variety of ways. We have developed specialized statistical approaches to harmonize different datasets by correcting for survey methodology and species detectability.

R Packages

BAM develops and contributes to R packages for analyzing avian data.

BAM ExploreOurData Methods PineSiskin Flying

BAM Geoportal

The results and outputs of many of BAM’s research projects are synthesized into data products, which we make publicly available to support and facilitate conservation and management of boreal birds. The BAM GeoPortal hosts BAM’s data products, spatial data, and communications to support the discovery and use of our research & data.

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BAM Geoportal PopulationSizes NorthernParula

Bird Densities and Population Sizes

Reliable estimation of species’ population size, trend and distribution is important for informing conservation and management activities. BAM develops approaches to estimate the density, distribution, and trends of boreal birds using heterogeneous datasets. We provide national and regional scale estimates of landbird and waterfowl densities, population sizes and distributions for over 160 species.

BAM Achievements Chickadee

Species Distributions and Habitat Suitability

Model-predicted species distribution and habitat suitability maps for 94 boreal-breeding passerine species based on current climate and landcover.

BAM Geoportal Conservation Chickadee

Conservation Planning

BAM develops data products to support conservation planning and habitat management. This includes identifying priority areas for boreal bird conservation in Canada.

BAM Geoportal ClimateChange HornedLark

Climate Change

Explore maps of future landbird and waterfowl densities and climate change refugia across Canada.

BAM Geoportal Habitat

Habitat Associations

Explore habitat and landcover associations for 143 landbird species across Canada.