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Who we are

The Boreal Avian Modelling Project (BAM) is an international scientific collaboration that develops and disseminates reliable, data-driven and model-based science and products to support migratory bird management and conservation across the boreal region of North America.

Data Products

BAM produces data products that support research and decision-making. These products work toward filling spatial, taxonomic and temporal gaps in our knowledge of the boreal biome. Explore BAM’s database that includes millions of bird observations and provides the foundation for our data products such as maps of bird densities, conservation planning tools and more.


BAM co-produces research and knowledge that helps guide the management and conservation of boreal birds and their habitats. Explore BAM’s research by browsing our scientific publications, technical documents and annual reports.


BAM’s mission to advance boreal bird conservation is achieved via collaborative science and diverse partnerships. We work broadly across a range of partnerships including federal, provincial and territorial government, academia, non-governmental organizations, Indigenous Peoples, and industry.

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Let us help you

Work with BAM and let us help you by addressing novel conservation planning challenges, targeted collaborations, provisioning of advice and tools, and data access. We can support you in the application of BAM’s statistical and modelling innovations, spatially-explicit density estimates, data products, tools and collaborations to support climate-informed, multi-species conservation and land-use planning within and beyond Canada.