We are pleased to provide you with the 2019-20 BAM Annual Report, outlining BAM’s activities and collaborations during our previous year. We apologize for the late release of this report resulting from unusual circumstances related to COVID-19. As you will see in this report, our partnerships, dedicated team, and incredible staff make it possible for us to achieve the many accomplishments reported here. 

Among these accomplishments, you can read about:

  • New Canada-wide landbird density estimates for 143 species (national density maps & population size estimates);
  • New Canada-wide density models for 18 species of waterfowl that explicitly account for spatio-temporal variations in abundance;
  • Continued efforts to develop a Standard Operating Procedure to identify critical habitat for wide-ranging species at risk;
  • Numerous regional studies simulating the impacts of changes in climate, forest harvest, fire, caribou conservation, and energy-sector development on boreal bird populations;
  • Conservation planning scenarios to prioritize candidate areas for Canada Warbler conservation;
  • Efforts towards improved open access to avian data in Canada;
  • Applications of our work through collaborations with over 30 different partners.
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